Affiliate Webapp in Rails?

Hi, I need some guidelines on creating an affiliate website. What I want to do is. Allows advertisers to add links to advertise and allow publishers to share that links. Every publisher will have a unique link for example Advertiser can Add unlimited links but they must be approved first before going live. Advertiser need to set the maximum budget they can pay for every 1000 visits. 1000 people visits that link (means lets say one publisher sends 1000 traffic to the advertiser one link). Lets say advertiser sets their budget $5 and gets 3000 visits they need to pay $15. And publishers should be able to see how many traffic they sent to particular link. And advertiser should be able to see how many total click they received. There is no need of auto payment to publisher. The advertiser will pay to website owner and then website owner will pay to the publisher. Thats what I want to build. Is it hard to build? What do you think? How can I start? Any Guidelines? Thank you. Sumeet

Posted over 4 years ago by Sumeet
Posted over 4 years ago by Alex Yang

The most difficult part of your idea to build is the tracking of site visits. For example, let's say that an advertiser wants to pay people to visit You would need to have access to site data for and tie that back to your Rails app so the affiliate can get paid. I'm not sure whether you need to be the site owner to do this. Also, you should research the various site traffic providers (e.g. Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc.) because they all count visits slightly differently. You want to choose one with a sensible definition of a visit, and with reliable data tracking. Hope that helps!