Could you recommend me a search engine with advanced(?) features?

I am hoping to make a search bar that allows tutor's 'teaching subject' search (not the tutor name) while allowing filtering of the search results to several categories such as 'List by Hourly Rate (lowest to highest), Language spoken, Rating'. Am I right in thinking that you call such categorizing sorting? It looks like full-text search like sunspot is not required. The closest that I came up with was: I couldn't find whether elasticsearch + searchkick gem would allow such sorting and paginating. If yes, i could learn from this? I am trying to create (ultimately) a search bar like in instaedu. You know how if you try and type math the instaedu search bar simultaneously creates/ suggest a list of math related subjects? What do you call such feature? I am hoping to make one like this but if this feature is too difficult at the beginning, i can wait to add this later. But I am mentioning this now because I wanted to ask you for a recommendation of a search engine that will allow adding such feature later. Thanks!

Posted about 6 years ago by Harry Lee
Posted about 6 years ago by Alex Yang

You're looking for two features. The first is search with multiple fields. Take a look at this StackOverflow post for a good starting point:

The second feature you want is autocomplete. Searchkick can be extended to use autocomplete, though I haven't gotten it to work yet. You should read it's GitHub page to see the full documentation.