Creating a list of sellers from the Etsy demo

Now that I have completed the Etsy demo (thanks, Alex, for the great videos!), I want to develop it further. The site I want to create is similar to sites such as ZocDoc ( in terms of features. Specifically: 1. The homepage has a simple search engine. (This step is optional.) 2. When you do a search, you see a list of sellers (a list of doctors in the case of ZocDoc) with their basic profiles. 3. When you click on a seller, you are taken to the seller's profile page, with a list of his/her products (a list of available times in the case of ZocDoc) 4. If you click on a product, you are taken to purchase that product (from here, a similar process to Etsy.) What would be a good, big picture way of going about developing a site like above from the completed Etsy demo?

Posted over 5 years ago by Nobu Iguchi
Posted over 5 years ago by Alex Yang

You can either try to convert the completed Etsydemo app, or start from a new app. The reason why I suggest considering starting fresh is because it could be more hassle to do all the conversions than to just rebuild (plus it's much faster now that you've done it once). Try following the same Etsydemo process, but customize each step for the site that you want.

The main new feature you're trying to build is the search functionality (for that, I recommend watching the Yelpdemo video on search). The other differences are mainly siteflow / page layout changes and resource definitions (times vs products, doctors vs sellers, etc). If you choose to add any other little features here or there (e.g. doctor profile pictures), try to adapt the same principles we covered in Etsydemo (e.g. add images to listings).

Feel free to let me know if you get stuck!