Creating a User Profile Page for EtsyDemo

Hey Alex! Sorry to bother you again. So I want to create a page where users enter other information than name and email on the /users/edit page. I added a bunch of fields to the page but I would like to keep the /users/edit page as an "Account Settings" page and all the personal information like address, preferences, skills, education on a "Edit Profile Page". Currently everything is on the /users/edit page. I am able to show the "Profile Page" of each user with /users/:id. So how can I have a separate page for "edit profile" and "edit account settings". I created a profile.html.erb page in the registrations folder in devise but I get the "First argument in form cannot contain nil or be empty" error since I just copy and pasted the content from the edit.html.erb page. I did add devise_scope :user do get 'profile' => 'devise/registrations#profile' end to the routes.rb file Thank you.

Posted over 5 years ago by Omar
Posted over 5 years ago by Alex Yang

Instead of trying to do it from the same controller, you might want to try creating a separate controller that inherits from the default Devise RegistrationsController. This will give you access to all the same methods that come with the Devise controller. Then you just need to set up your routes correctly. Here are two links that might be helpful for you: