Development of apps using Phonegap and Rails

I did some research and realized I could use phonegap and ruby on rails to make mobile apps on Mac OS but did not find anything for windows. So I wish to know if its possible to make apps using phonegap and rails on Windows and how. Thanks

Posted over 4 years ago by Joseph Nnamdi
Posted over 4 years ago by Alex Yang

There's a difference between a native mobile app (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) and the hybrid apps that PhoneGap allows you to build. Here's a good article on when you might want to use PhoneGap:

If your primary goal is to make mobile apps, you should focus your time on learning languages like Swift/Objective-C, C#, or Java (instead of Ruby/Rails) since Rails is a framework for building web apps only. However, if you would like to build a web app and then convert it into a mobile app without having to learn mobile app development, then PhoneGap could be a good shortcut.