Does it make sense to use a CMS tool (such as LocomotiveCMS) with a rails app?

Hi, I am new to web development and ruby on rails. Does it make sense to use a CMS tool when developing an app i.e. could CMS speed up the development process for a beginner ror programmer? If CMS is at all compatible with ror, what are the downside factors to consider when using a cms?

Posted almost 6 years ago by Ecki
Posted almost 6 years ago by Alex Yang

LocomotiveCMS seems to be designed for use with Rails, so it should fine. When considering whether to use any of these tools, you should always weigh whether the time you'll save (and the feature set you'll get) is worth the potential frustration of learning to integrate the tool itself.

A great resource you should use is Ruby Toolbox, which shows you the popularity of certain gems and can give you a quick sense of the options you have available. Here's the link for content management - you'll see Locomotive appears near the top: