Elasticsearch and Searchkick error when I'm trying to reindex on Heroku

Hello I'm trying to implement a search exactly like you have in your yelp demo project everything work fine in localhost but when i'm trying to deploy on heroku when i run the command heroku run rake searchkick:reindex CLASS=Arquitect i'm getting this error and I can't figure it out what its the problem. Please any idea help me asap. rake aborted! Elasticsearch::Transport::Transport::Errors::NotFound: [404] {"error":"IndexMissingException[[_aliases] missing]","status":404}

Posted about 5 years ago by Grace Molina
Posted about 5 years ago by Alex Yang

Have you already checked with the Notes/Transcripts to make sure you haven't missed any steps? Also, I'd make sure that your Heroku app is up-to-date with your localhost - it's possible to see this error if your Arquitect database isn't set up properly to be reindexed.

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