https on an ecommerce site: what, why, how?

I've heard it's essential to have an https certificate on a site if you're going to process payments or secure information. Is this true? How do you do this? I've looked on google but there is a ton of noise and is hard to decipher what is the proper protocol.

Posted over 5 years ago by Markus Lopez
Posted over 5 years ago by Alex Yang

That's right - you'll need to purchase an SSL certificate. These are pretty cheap though. For DNSimple (the domain hosting service I use), it only costs $20/year. If you're using Heroku to host your site, you'll also need to sign up for their SSL Endpoint add-on, which costs $20/month. I've done some research to try to find a way to get around this, but so far no luck unfortunately.

The process for setting up your SSL certificate may be different depending on your domain hosting service (e.g. DNSimple), so I recommend following whichever instructions they give you.