I want the same functionality of SQLite in my heroku. Does the upcoming "Switch Over from SQLite to PostgreSQL" video explain that?

We can add restaurants, reviews, and users in development either through the website or by using SQLite. Alex, I remember in one of the videos you said that for now, the only ways to modify the database in heroku are through the site itself or through heroku run rails console. So the "Switch Over from SQLite to PostgreSQL" video is going to add the Postgres version of DB Browser for SQLite, correct?

Posted almost 5 years ago by Kevin Peng
Posted almost 5 years ago by Alex Yang

Unfortunately, despite trying a bunch of different options, I have yet to find a solid PostgreSQL equivalent of the SQLite Database Browser. On Mac, there are a few reasonable options (I use Postico), but it's harder to find good alternatives for Windows. One you may want to check out (the one recommended on the PostgreSQL website) is pgAdmin III: