Internal User Messaging System

Hi, I am nearing the completion of EtsyDemo and have really enjoyed it. A feature that I needed to implement was an Internal User Messaging System. I want Users to have the ability to send and receive 'real-time' (or near real-time) messages to each other. A simple implementation is all I am looking for at this stage. Could you please kindly provide some guidance as to the best approach for this. Many thanks

Posted over 2 years ago by Saad
Posted about 2 years ago by Saad

Many thanks Alex - will give it a try

Posted over 2 years ago by Alex Yang

Glad you've enjoyed EtsyDemo, Saad! I recommend using the mailboxer gem for in-app messaging. They won't be real-time by default though, so you'll have to implement ActionCable. Here are links to these resources: