Wikipedia Scraper error

I am getting this error when I run ruby wikipedia_scraper.rb -- C:/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/open-uri.rb:224:in 'open_loop' : redirection forbidden: -> (RuntimeError) from C:/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/open-uri.rb:150:in 'open_uri' from C:/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/open-uri.rb:716:in 'open' from C:/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/open-uri.rb:34:in 'open' from wikipedia_scraper.rb:5:in '<main>' What am i doing wrong? Thanks

Posted almost 4 years ago by Joan Azeka
Posted almost 4 years ago by Alex Yang

Hi Joan, I responded to your comment in the discussion thread here:

Let me know if the troubleshooting tips work!