Would love to learn some big data skills with Hadoop, etc/ data visualization from a stock market API, with some basic machine learning incorporated

I would like a course that can incorporate possibly the twitter api into a database and be able to visualize the data in some way... and also the yahoo api and also be able to visualize the data with graphs, tables etc.. Would also love a very topical experience with machine learning with the data sets we collect, somehow to have our data learn how to interact with additional data , etc. And also would love to work with a huge platform like hadoop, mapreduce etc to also pull in huge data sets and be able to interpret and use the data in a practical way... thanks again.

Posted about 5 years ago by Brian Bailey
Posted about 5 years ago by Alex Yang

Hey Brian,

For content suggestions, please post this to this other thread: https://baserails.com/questions/what-cool-project-do-you-want-to-learn-to-build-in-a-future-course